Gimmee Power Patch Cable


Gimmee Power Patch Cables are designed to interconnect electric guitar pedal effects. Low-profile, right-angle plugs allow close spacing of pedal effects on pedalboards. Lifetime Warranty.

Patch Cable Heat Shrink colors – default color white, however, you can choose from these if preferred by including it in your order notes: Brown, Grey, Purple, Red, Orange, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black. 

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Liven up your sound and stage presence with Gimmee Power Custom Made Instrument Cables. Our high-quality guitar cables come with a limited lifetime warranty. We have a full array of colors and patterns available to you to customize your guitar cables during checkout. These are not cloth and will not fray. They are even hand-washable and detergent safe, which means you can keep them clean from those grimy floors on and off stage.

Neutrik Silent Connectors – The silentPLUG automatically mutes (shorts) an instrument (guitar) cable to avoid pops and squeals when changing the instrument (guitar) under load. Swap guitars in seconds with no adjusting volume or hassles. Literally No Noise when switching over even when the amp is cranked!

USA Switchcraft connectors – Since 1946, Switchcraft has a proud history of manufacturing products in the United States. Switchcraft’s 185,000 square foot facility is located at 5555 North Elston Avenue, Chicago IL. which is still the headquarters and the largest of three manufacturing locations for the corporation today.

Rean Gold Plated connectors – A brand of Neutrik AG. With the brand Rean, the world’s leading supplier of professional audio and video connectors – Neutrik AG – offers another interesting product range. Excellent cost-performance ratio, attractive design and reliable functionality are the strengths of Rean.


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